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The following articles were taken from the Fargo Forum.





Fred G. Fischer, 52, prominent farmer living 2 miles north of Moorhead, was critically injured when his auto hurled off Highway 75 near Moorhead Riverside cemetery at 8 p.m. Saturday.

Fischer, father of 14 children, is well known for his extensive turkey business.

Suffering a possible broken back, cuts, bruises and extreme shock, Fischer was taken to St. Ansgar hospital by ambulance. The attending physician said Fischer's condition would not permit X-ray examination.

Highway patrolmen said Fischer, driving homeward alone, apparently fell asleep and missed the turn on highway 75 near Moorhead Riverside cemetery.

His car jumped off the road and rolled nearly 20 feet, landing on its side in the cemetery.

Patrolmen said the machine hurdled a hedge before coming to a stop.

Fischer was thrown 20 feet from the car.

“There were no witnesses to the accident and no tires were blown out”, officials said.

Mr. and Mrs. Fischer have six girls and eight boys. The children are: Tech 3rd gr.

Frederick, Sgt. Robert, Seaman 2nd class Vincent, Lyle, Allan, Lawrence, John, Jerome, Eloise, Mary, Arlene, Elaine, Charlotte, and Audrey.


FRED FISCHER SERIOUSLY HURT-Moorhead Daily News Mon. July 9,


Moorhead Area Farmer Injured In Accident


In St. Ansgar hospital with a broken beck and the lower portion of his body paralyzed is Fred Fischer, 52, well-known turkey farmer who resides two miles north of Moorhead.

He was injured about 8:00 p. m. Saturday when his car careened into the ditch on Highway 75 near Riverside cemetery. His attending physician said no attempt would be made to take X-ray pictures until his condition has improved.

Cause of the accident was apparently due to a faulty accelerator, the foot feed sticking as he approached the curve on Highway 75. The car plowed into the ditch and then overturned several times, Fischer being hurled from the machine, which was totally demolished.

He was taken to St Ansgar hospital by ambulance. There are 14 children in the Fischer family, three of them in military service.



Fargo Forum, 10 July 1945 (Tuesday Morning)

A sticking accelerator may have been responsible for the automobile accident Saturday evening north of Moorhead on U.S. 75, which landed Fred Fischer, 52, prominent rural Moorhead farmer, in St. Ansgar hospital with serious back injuries, in the opinion of his wife who discounted the possibility that he may have fallen asleep while driving.

Mrs. Fischer said the foot-feed on the automobile had stuck previously while she was driving.



Moorhead Daily News, Thurs. July 12,


Fred George Fischer, 51, farmer near Georgetown, died today in a local hospital following injuries received in an automobile accident near Moorhead Saturday night.

Fischer was born in Georgetown on August 6, 1893. On June 26, 1918, he married the former Zula Barton at St. Mary's church in Fargo.

Surviving are his wife and fourteen children: Fred Fischer, technician third grade in China; Robert, serving in the air corps at Ardmore, Oklahoma; Eloise at home; Vincent, seaman second class, stationed at San Bruno, Calif., who is home on leave at present; and Lyle, Mary, Allan, Lawrence, Arlene, Elaine, Jerome, Charlotte, John and Audrey, all at home. Mr. Fischer also leaves two sisters, Cora Fischer, Sacramento, Calif., and Mrs. Nick Wambach, 1325 Fifth Avenue south, and six brothers; Edward at Fair Oaks, Calif., August, Leonard, N.D.; Frank and Claude at Sacramento; Herbert Georgetown, and William, Fargo.

Funeral arrangements have not been made as yet. The body is at Houglum and Olson Funeral.


FISCHER DIES OF INJURIES-Fargo Forum, 13 July 1945 (Friday morning)

Fred George Fischer, 52, owner of a turkey farm two miles north of Moorhead for 21 years, died Thursday morning in a Moorhead hospital following injuries suffered in an automobile accident Saturday evening north of Moorhead on U.S. 75.

The accident was believed to have been caused by the accelerator of the car sticking. The car plunged off a curve near Riverside cemetery and rolled over several times.

Mrs. Fischer's father, Samuel W. Barton, of Tower City. N.D., died June 20.

Born Aug. 6, 1893, in Georgetown, Minn. he was married to the former Zula Barton of Tower City, N.D., June 26, 1918, in St Mary’s cathedral in Fargo. Surviving are his wife and 14 children. The children are: Tech 3rd gr. Frederick, in China; Sgt. Robert with the Air Corps at Ardmore, Oklahoma; Seaman 2nd class Vincent, stationed at San Bruno, Calif., and who is now at home, and Lyle, Mary, Allan, Eloise, Lawrence, Arlene, Elaine, Jerome, Charlotte, John and Audrey, all at home.

Other survivors include eight brothers and sisters. William. of 1011 Tenth Ave. N., Fargo; Mrs. Nick Wambach, 1325 Fifth Ave. S., Moorhead; Herbert, of Georgetown, Minn., August, of Leonard, N.D., Ed, of Fair Oaks, Calif., and Clara, Claude, and Frank of Sacramento, California.

A veteran of World War 1, he was the second vice commander of Melvin E. Hearl

American Legion post, Moorhead, was vice president of the Kragnes-Oakport farm bureau, chairman of the school board in district 23, and was a member of the Disabled American Veterans and the Knights of Columbus.

The body is at Houglum & Olson Funeral Home in Moorhead.

Funeral services have been tentatively set for Monday. A rosary will be said for Mr. Fischer tonight by the CYO of St. Mary's at the funeral home.


Moorhead Daily News; Mon. July 16.1945 p3

Funeral services for Frederick George Fischer, Georgetown, were held this morning at nine o'clock at the St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Moorhead. Father William Wambach officiated at the mass.

Honorary pallbearers were: Matt Cemitck, Ray Gessell, Jack Garrett, Manny Margett, Herman Pederson, Fedelis Reiss; Active pallbearers being Albin Marquart, Sam Zink, Lambert Fischer, Evett Mathews, George Fischer, and Oscar Andree.

Burial was in the St Joseph cemetery in Moorhead.

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