George Pogue


Family History


Monday, after dinner, Mr. George Pogue, father of Mrs. W.N. Buswell, was seen going into the barn with two pails of water. Soon after, Mrs. Buswell who was alone in the house, heard the horses kicking and rushed to the barn to find her father under the horses heels covered with blood and apparently dead. She ran to the mill and Ed Ramer and the others came over, pulled Mr. Pogue out of the stall and carried him into the house. Dr. Russell was called and he found the skull fractured, nose split on the right side and the right cheek and jaw bones badly broken. The injured man did not recover consciousness, but died between three and four Tuesday afternoon.


The funeral was held at the Presbyterian Church Wednesday afternoon, Rev. Baskerville officiating. There was a large attendance. Mr. Pogue was 82 years old; an early settler here and well liked by all who knew him. Mrs. Oakes of St. Paul and Mrs. Ferguson, of Minnie Lake, daughters of the deceased were here during their fathers last hours.


Mr. Buswell is of the opinion that the deceased, after the horses (ponies) drank the water, turned away and he was taken with one of the spells of dizziness he was subject to, and fell forward on his face; this frightened the team and the terrible results followed.


Dr. Russell says the deceased was, no doubt, down when the skull was fractured. Had he been standing, the force of such a blow would have thrown him across the barn.


Buffalo Herald Friday, September 23, 1887


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