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Marcella Gade

Donnie and Diane Loberg

Ella Gade

Ella Gade


The Millers and Elvira

The Millers

L to R: Nancy, Donnie, Ronnie and Diane Loberg

The Loberg Family

Lucille Gade on right

L to R: Grandma Cecelia Gade, Grandma Burkett (Pearl Valentine Lievan (Burkett)), Grandma Maren Anderson, Great Grandma Bremer (Lievan) (Grandma Burkett’s mother).


L to R: Cliff Gade, Katherine Gade, Andrew Gade.


The Gade’s in Vrensted, Denmark. Back row: Christian, Johanne, Neils Christian & Jens. Front Row: Anne, Mathilda & Else Marie.


Al and Nina Fischer

Al Fischer



Nina Gade Fischer

L to R: Elven Gade, Alta Gade Gillette, Nina Gade Fischer, Elvera Gade Loberg, Arnold Gade.

L to R: 1st row, Ella, Cecelia and Alta Gade. 2nd row, Marcella, Arlene, and Nina Gade, Back Row, Esther and Elvera Gade.


L to R: Ella, Alta Nina and Elvera


The Neils Gade Family

Elven Gade at the Gade Family Reunion

L to R: 1st row, Lisa, Jason and Dan Fischer. Back Row: Amanda, Nina, Julie and Kelsie.

Julie, Amanda and Kelsie









Elven and Elizabeth “Ippy” Gade



Barbara and Neils Gade

Lucille Gade

Gade Family Reunion at Lindenwood Park in Fargo, ND

L to R: Elven, Ella, Alta, Elvera, Neils and Nina

L to R: Arlene, Ella, Alta, Elvera and Nina

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