Moorhead High School 40 Year Class Reunion

July 24-25, 2009



Carmen Westfield and Nancy Jo Swanson

Claudia Beaty

Dale Powers and Kevin Reitz

L to R: Dan Fischer and Steve Hilgers

Dennis Cegla

L to R: Mary Fischer, Diane Jacobson, Laura Kalsow and Duane Olschlager

Don Mathees

Ed Shannon

Fern Frydenlund and Steve Muchow

L to R: Greg Frazier, John Borgen, Richard Curfman, Steve Muchow

Gerald Bennett

L to R: Greg Frazier, John Borgen and Richard Curfman

Greg Frazier

Greg Hahn and Joel Savre

Jane Fawbush


Jeanne Johnson

Jeanne Johnson

Jeff Mortenson

Jeff Watson, Scott Carey and Steve Johnk

Jeff Watson

Jenifer Berglund

Jerry Barnum

Jerry Honek and Mary Fischer

Keith and Cheryl Barnes

Kevin Reitz


Linda Holweger and her husband Duane Olschlager

Linda Richardson

Lyndon Thiel









L to R (standing): Dave Bruggeman, Paul Krabbenhoft,John King, ? Joel Savre

Seated in foreground: Duane Olschlager

L to R: Joel Savre and Allen Riess















Peter Stewart

Randy Osborne

Ross Edlund

Ruth Kotte


Steve and Sharon Hilgers

L to R: Steve Muchow and Dan Fischer


L to R: Steve Muchow, Lyndon Thiel and Dan Fischer

Steve Sauer

Tom Driscoll and Jerry Honek


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