Stephen and Jia Jia





Virginia (Aunt Gigi)



Anna and Virginia


Jia Jia and Nadia




Mary and Aunt Gigi


Playing “Chicken Foot”


Hors d' oeuvres


Jill and Nadia


Dick and Nadia


Stephen and Jia Jia cooking


Marlene and Nadia


Stephen serving the Kaszak dish


Too much wine?


Listening to a Christmas song on Dan’s new Droid cell phone


Virginia and Nadia


The “pooped” princess




Playing “Chicken Foot”


Playing “Chicken Foot”


Anna and Nabil


Virgina and the gift Jill wrapped the way Margie would’ve.


Dan and his new “Snuggie”


Dinner at Dick’s Master Chorale Concert, Dec. 11, 2009


After the concert



Stephen and Jia Jia


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